feedback from an artist talk

You gave us a brave presentation of your recent life journey though the self-portraits that you displayed. The images were more expressive of feelings than words could ever be. I could see myself & my journey in the single self-images that you showed before you added to them. Every emotion that I felt was right there on the screen.

Then when you added the additional layers to your single image I could travel through the feelings being expressed. Life changes are challenging to the very depth of our resilience. Your sharing of these sequences allowed me to know that other people have the same emotional travel that I have had.

Exhibits and Publications

2019 Fine Art Photography Awards

Five images from my "Stroke of Emotions" series received Nominee recognition in the 2019 Fine Art Photography Awards (FAPA). There were 4100 entries from 87 countries around the world for these awards.

My Stroke of Emotions project was featured in 

2018 Seeing in SIXES, published by LensWork. Fifty projects were selected from more than 1500 submissions for this book.

312 pages, currently available for purchase at this link.

Picturing Health Exhibit

Stroke of Emotions were selected for the Picturing Health exhibit at Viewpoint Gallery in Halifax, Nova Scotia, for the month of February 2018. The exhibit used photographic imagery to explore the relationship between wellness and creativity, and was funded by the Robert Pope Foundation.