For much of my life it was my goal to blend in. An introvert, I kept my feelings to myself. I didn't want to stand out in a crowd. I craved approval and acceptance. As I age, this all seems less important and I endeavour to be myself.

- Sara Harley

Differentiation - the full series

The 5x8 inch trade book is printed on lower quality paper. It contains the same 27 images and corresponding verse, as well as notes on how the images were created and the inspiration behind the images.

Differentiation is available to view and/or purchase online.

View the photo book version here.

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Differentiation book by Sara Harley

from the Differentiation Series:

I Had A Dream

I reach for the light

but the stars have fallen

and lay submerged

glittering their promise

like diamonds

beneath the sea

Moody Blues

clouds gather

darkness descends

raw emotions


the storm

what my truth is

I don't know anymore





the world

is alive

with colour


life is a journey

each path a gift

for us to choose




our lives