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Differentiation by Sara Harley


“For much of my life it was my goal to blend in. An introvert, I kept my feelings to myself. I didn't want to stand out in a crowd. I craved approval and acceptance. As I age, this all seems less important and I endeavour to be myself."

Differentiation is the series I created in 2018 and continues the theme of emotional healing by creating photographic art paired with verse. There are 27 images and the book has been published in two formats.

The photo book version (sized 7x7 inches) contains 27 images and corresponding verse. Available in hard or soft cover.

The trade version (sized 5x8 inches) is printed on lower quality paper, but contains notes on how the images were created as well as the inspiration behind the images.

Differentiation  is available in two versions - 7x7 inch photo book

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5x8 inch trade version - economical version including inspiration behind the images and verse

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Stroke of Emotions by Sara Harley

Stroke of Emotions

a healing journey from devastation to rejuvenation

“Wonderful, from her heart. Could help others to understand or give words to their struggles."

- written feedback, presentation February 2018

"Sometimes I cry so hard I think the tears will never stop.

Sometimes I feel so tired I want to lay my head down and sleep forever. Sometimes I feel absolutely nothing and wonder if I will ever feel happy again."

I wrote those words last year after my husband had a major stroke. No matter who we are, we all face life challenges. No matter what crisis we face, we all struggle with a range of feelings. This book is filled with images, verse, and personal anecdotes... a story of crisis, struggle, adaptation, and healing.

Stroke of Emotions  is available to view and/or purchase

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Roots + Wings

a book of images and verse from Sara's Roots+Wings exhibit

“In her “Roots + Wings” exhibition, Sara Harley brings together words and images to create a passionate message about the healing power of the creative process.

The words are in the form of short prose poems reflecting Sara’s turmoil of emotions following her husband’s health crisis last year. The images are beautifully crafted composite photographs that merge trees (for Strength) and birds (for Freedom), with background textures to enhance and unify the series. Each image with its accompanying text can be appreciated on its own, but taken together, the sequence forms an inspiring body of work that develops a story which is at once personal and universal.

The result is a moving portrait of Sara’s journey toward emotional recovery – and hope for the rest of us facing challenges of our own."

- Kas Stone,

photo by Rita Godlevskis, PhotoEd Magazine

Roots+Wings  is available to view and/or purchase

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In Focus

a book of newspaper columns published in the Chronicle Herald

I wrote weekly columns for The Chronicle Herald under the by-line "In Focus". I shared my love of life, photography, and Nova Scotia. This 118 page book is a compilation of all the articles that were published.

“Sara has a writing style that engages readers with the creative process, anecdotes and human interest behind her photographs. Her columns blend technical expertise with life stories with which readers can readily relate. Sara’s columns have generated considerable reader feedback, both from experienced and novice photographers, and from those who simply enjoy a good read.” 

- Editor, Chronicle Herald South Shore Breaker

In Focus  is available to view and/or purchase

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