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Awakening by Sara Harley





the world

is alive

with colour

- Sara Harley

June 9, 2018

I had a blog for many years under the name "SHarleyStudio". I started it when we were preparing to move from Ontario to Nova Scotia. I detailed our trials and tribulations in dealing with moving half way across the country....but mostly the challenges in moving to a rural location after more than 45 years living in cities or suburbia. Moving 1500 kilometres was a piece of cake compared to dealing with country life!

After living in the country for 7 years, we became "townies" and moved to a small town on the South Shore of Nova Scotia...population 8,500. I still long for the country, but this city raised "girl" is a lot more comfortable with town living. Of course, it makes it easier that we live just a few doors down from the TransCanada Trail, and one block away from the LaHave River. Osprey nests, bald eagles, and deer are a common sight. In fact, I see them more often now than when we lived on 20 acres in the country.

We have faced some life challenges since moving to Nova Scotia. Our latest challenge has been dealing with the outcomes of the stroke my husband had in 2017. We continue to adjust to a "new normal" for our life, but the events have inspired several series of photographs for me which resulted in a couple of photography exhibits. I have written a book, and now try to write verse to pair with my photographic art. Life sure works in mysterious ways.

With this new blog, I hope to start anew with periodic thoughts about my photography, life, and Nova Scotia....thus the title of "Awakening".