Sara Harley

I once worked as a bank manager and a dog biscuit maker but now think of myself as a photographer and writer. Living on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, I split my time between dog walking, beach walking, capturing weird and wonderful things with my camera, and touring my adopted province with my husband. If I'm lucky, I get to do all those things at the same time.

I believe in the power of real world experiences and prefer seeing my words and photographs in print rather than in social media. I have been fortunate to have my photographs exhibited in several group exhibits, and in February 2018 I hosted my first solo exhibit called Roots+Wings.

Recently, six images from my Stroke of Emotions series were selected for book called Seeing in SIXES 2018, published by Brooks Jensen & Maureen Gallagher of LensWork.

For sixteen months, I wrote articles published by the Chronicle Herald under the by-line In Focus, now available in book format through this website.

I continue to create photographic art and verse to illustrate a range of emotions. My images range from dark and brooding to light and inspirational, but always come from the heart.